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How To React If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

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Most dog owners take care to ensure that their dogs are properly secured at all times. Unfortunately, a dog can slip out an open door, get off its leash, or dig under a fence, and when one of these things occurs, a dog can run out into the street and get struck by a car. Learning that your dog has been hit by a car can be traumatizing and very upsetting. But how you react in this type of situation can make a difference in your dog's outcome and whether or not they survive and makes a full recovery. If your dog has been hit by a car, take the following steps:

Don't Panic

When a dog is hit by a car, it is often an emergency situation, but it is in your best interest not to panic. Remaining calm and assessing the situation is likely to result in a much better outcome. You will need to make sure that you approach the scene of the accident carefully so you can administer aid to your dog.

Approach Slowly

Your dog may have the best temperament in the world, but after being hit by a car, a dog can be scared and in a lot of pain, which can cause them to lash out. It is not uncommon for dogs to bite or scratch after being hit by a car, even when approached by its own owners. Thus, the best thing that you can do is approach your dog slowly and in a calm and comforting manner. It can be helpful to have something, such as cloth or tape, to use to make an emergency muzzle if your dog reacts aggressively.

Move Your Dog Carefully

In some cases, a dog may not show obvious signs of injury, such as lacerations, after being hit by a car. But, a dog can experience a lot of internal injuries due to the force of the impact. This means that it is very important to move your dog as carefully as possible and try to keep them immobilized, The less your dog moves around before receiving veterinary care, the better.

Head to Your Nearest Animal Hospital

When it comes to something as serious as being hit by a car, it is essential for your dog to receive emergency veterinary care. Your best bet is to head to the closest animal hospital in your area. You may want to consider calling on the way to let them know that you're bringing in an animal that has suffered traumatic injuries and needs emergency care so they can have everything ready by the time you arrive. 

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