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Reasons Your Cat May Be Sneezing

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If you are a cat owner, you know that sneezing does not happen all that often in cats normally. They might sneeze once in a while, but if they start sneezing repeatedly or frequently, you might be wondering what could possibly be going on. Get to know some of the potential causes of your cat's sneezing. Then, you can be sure to get them the help and care they need from a vet right away. 


One common cause of sneezing in cats is allergies. If your cat develops a pollen allergy, for example, coming into contact with that pollen could trigger a sneezing fit. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, pollen can get in through open doors and windows and even on your clothes when you have been outside. As such, indoor cats can have symptoms of pollen allergies too. 

A food allergy can also cause a cat to sneeze. If you have recently switched foods and you notice your cat start to sneeze more frequently, the food could be the culprit. If you suspect your cat has allergies, you can take them to the vet to rule out other health issues.

Blood tests can also be run to test for allergies in cats. This can help your vet diagnose allergies and be able to tell what substances your cat is allergic to. 

Foreign Object

A foreign object in the nasal passages could cause a cat to sneeze a lot. This is especially common in indoor/outdoor cats as they can get a blade of grass or other part of a plant stuck in their nasal passages. The sneezing is an attempt to dislodge the foreign object by the body. 

Foreign objects can be carefully removed by a veterinarian at their office. This usually resolves the problem, though antibiotics may also be administered in case of the foreign object causing an infection in the nasal passages. 

Dental Problems

Dental problems are one of the surprising potential causes of sneezing in cats. If they have severe dental issues that extend to the roots of the teeth, the nerves that connect the teeth to the rest of the body are sometimes affected. When these nerves are affected, it can sometimes cause irritation that makes your cat sneeze. 

While you can check your cat's teeth yourself for signs of damage or infection, you will want your vet to take a look as well. They can better diagnose dental problems and can provide the necessary treatment which may include a deep cleaning and the extraction of some of the teeth.

Now that you know some of the potential reasons behind your cat's sneezing, you can be sure to head to the vet to get your cat checked out if your cat begins sneezing repeatedly and/or frequently. Visit a vet like one at Clevengers Corner