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Three Potential Causes Of Head Tilt In A Rabbit

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A rabbit will move its head in all sorts of different ways depending on its mood, but you might occasionally notice that your pet is holding its head at an angle that you haven’t previously seen. If the rabbit’s head is at an angle so that one side of its head is pointing at the ground, and the rabbit is maintaining this position, this is an obvious indicator of a serious health issue that is aptly known as head tilt. Read More»

6 Reasons To Take Your Pet To A Vet

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Veterinary services are important to keeping your pet healthy. However, it can be tough to know when to take your pet to a vet. If you’re not sure what’s a good reason to visit the vet, this list will help. Early-Age Shots Pet vaccinations are important. Notably, the shot schedule will vary widely based on the species of your pet. Likewise, there can be dramatic differences in the shot requirements because some animals are susceptible to diseases that others are not. Read More»

How a Veterinarian Might Treat Your Cat's Diabetes

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If your cat is lethargic, losing weight, and has increased thirst and urination, the problem could be diabetes. Cats get diabetes just like humans do, and just like people, cats need proper treatment through diet and medications to control their condition. Here are some more symptoms of diabetes in cats and some treatments your veterinarian might recommend to keep your cat healthy. Symptoms Of Feline Diabetes Cats may have a variety of symptoms when they have diabetes. Read More»

Why Ferret Owners Need To Know About Canine Distemper Virus

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Canine distemper virus (CDV) is a condition that dog owners must be aware of, allowing them to take the necessary precautions to protect their pets. You might not give CDV all that much thought because you don’t have a pet dog—you in fact have a pet ferret. However, it’s all too possible for CDV to actually infect a ferret, and the results can be fatal. What do you need to know about CDV and your ferret? Read More»

FAQs About The Rattlesnake Vaccine For Dogs

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If you live in an area where rattlesnakes are fairly common, your vet may recommend getting the rattlesnake vaccine for your dog. This is a bit of an unusual vaccine since it is not for a contagious disease, but rather an effort to combat the venom of another animal. As such, you may have a few of the following questions before agreeing to this vaccine for your dog. How does the rattlesnake vaccine work? Read More»