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Medical Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Depressed

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Your dog might have been energetic at one point, but after you moved to a new home, you might notice that your dog just isn't as energetic. Or, your dog might be withdrawn after you bring another dog home to your family. There are many events in your dog's life that can cause him or her to become depressed and depression might also be a sign of a health problem.

Warning Signs of Depression

When your dog is depressed, you might notice a change in his or her appetite. Your dog may lose interest in playtime or in other things that he or she was once interested in. Your dog might be sleeping all the time.

Depression Causes

Depression is common for dogs when they experience change. However, depression is usually short-term. It is very rare for a dog to continue to be in a depressed state for weeks and it may be worthwhile to consider other possible causes.

Arthritis and Depression

One common reason for why a dog might be depressed is joint pain or arthritis. When your dog experiences joint pain, he or she will have a difficult time enjoying activities that were fun in the past. If your veterinarian can diagnose your dog with arthritis, he or she may be able to alleviate depression symptoms by treating the arthritis. 

If arthritis is the cause of your dog's depression, you might notice that he or she is stiffer than usual. Your dog might have a difficult time rising after resting. He or she may lick joints and may also be reluctant to be active.

If your dog has received previous injuries, suffer from obesity or if your dog is a working dog, he or she might suffer from arthritis. However, there are many causes of arthritis that are unavoidable, such as old age. However, there are various forms of therapy that can help a dog with arthritis.

Depression and Oral Health

Another medical issue that can lead to dog depression is when a dog has dental disease. This can lead to discomfort for the dog when he or she tries to chew or play with toys. The inability to enjoy activities that your dog once enjoyed can lead to depression. Regardless of what the cause might be, make sure to take your dog to a dog care specialist so that you can help your dog feel better again.