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Moving To A New Town? Dog Care Tips For You

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If you are moving to a new town with your dog, you may be excited and enthusiastic about the moving process. However, you also have your dog to consider while you are moving as well. Get to know some of the ways you can best care for your dog while you are going through a move. Then, you can be sure that you and your dog are as prepared as possible for your big move. 

Take Them in for Vaccinations If Due Soon

If your dog is due soon for vaccines, within a month or so, you should take your dog in to the veterinarian clinic to get their vaccinations done as soon as possible before you move. This will help to ensure that your dog remains healthy while you are in the moving process. It will also help to ensure you don't forget to get them done when they are due as you will be in the middle of moving and getting settled in your new home. 

Ask Your Vet About Anti-Anxiety Medications

Packing can be an exciting process for you, but it can be scary and confusing for your dog. They may get scared that you are going to leave them behind or confused about all of the changed in their environment.

As such, they may start acting anxious. This could include cowering, clinging to you, acting out by chewing, having accidents in the house, or even beginning to pant heavily or pace around. Anxiety in dogs can be a serious problem. Heading to the veterinarian clinic can help. 

Talk to your vet about the fact that you are moving and the symptoms your dog is exhibiting. The vet will perform an exam on your dog to ensure that they are not having any physical issues causing those symptoms. Then, if they suspect anxiety is the culprit, they may be able to prescribe medications for you to use in the short-term to get your dog through the moving process. 

For example, trazodone and gabapentin can be taken to help calm them down if they start acting up. Otherwise, a longer term option would be something like Prozac, but that can take longer to work its way into your dog's system. 

Be Sure You Find a New Veterinarian Clinic Right Away

Even before you move into your new place, you should research veterinarian clinics in your new town and find a short list of two or three that will work for your dog. You should contact them as soon as you get settled in to establish your dog as a patient which will allow them to contact your previous veterinarian for your pet's health records. 

That way, when you go to the vet with your dog for the first time in your new city, you will be all ready to go and they will know your dog's vaccination records and the like. 

Now that you know some dog care tips and have researched veterinarian clinics to help you in the moving process, you can be sure you are doing everything you can to help your dog along.