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Your New Puppy And The Veterinarian

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When you get a new puppy, it is important for you to take the puppy to the veterinarian as quickly as you are able to. That first visit will be an important one for the puppy, as well as for yourself. There are a lot of things the vet will look at to make sure the puppy is healthy, and if it isn't, then the issues will need to be addressed and treated right away for your puppy to have the best chance at becoming a healthy puppy and growing into a healthy adult dog. Also, there are some things your puppy needs right away. You can learn more about what happens at that first puppy visit here. 

Your puppy will be examined

Your puppy will receive a full examination. This includes taking its temperature to make sure it doesn't have a fever. If a fever is present, then the vet will run tests to determine the cause so it can be treated. Your puppy's eyes will also be checked to make sure there are no issues. The vet will also look in their ears and their nose to make sure everything looks good. 

The vet will listen to the puppy to make sure its lungs sound clear, its digestive system sounds good, and its heart sounds good. They will also feel your puppy, to make sure they don't feel any abnormalities with its bones, don't feel any abnormal growths, and that it seems healthy in other physical ways. 

Your puppy will receive its vaccinations

Your puppy will be given its first set of vaccinations at this first appointment. However, these vaccinations aren't the only ones it will need. You will have to bring your puppy back according to the schedule the vet's office sets you up with for the puppy to receive its booster shots. Also, it is common for puppies to be given a wormer medication that will get rid of worms and other parasites puppies commonly have. 

One thing it is important for you to understand when you have a new puppy is that it won't be fully protected from illnesses and diseases covered in the vaccinations it received until a week or so after it completes the full booster schedule. This is why it is recommended for you to leave your new puppy at home when you go out, and not bring it places with you or take it for walks until after your vet's recommendation, and after it is done getting all of its shots.

For more information, contact a local vet clinic, like Angel Pet Hospital.